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At Talented Canine Connections, we strive to provide a positive, humane, reward-based training methodology to build a relationship of trust and respect between you and your pet. Using a scientific and psychological approach, we get to the root of the problem instead of just correcting it. Browse our site to learn more about us or contact us to schedule a consultation.

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Passionate. Patient. Persistent.

Our goal at Talented Canine Connections is to build the bond and relationship between you and your dog. Using positive reinforcement techniques, we are more concerned about why the bad behavior happens opposed to just stopping the behavior.

We take a more psychological approach and really dive into the head of the animal. We are more concerned with taking the stress off the animal and changing his/her mindset and getting to the root of the problem. 

We believe in showing the dog what TO do rather than telling the dog what NOT to do. This creates a better relationship between you and your pet. Training should be fun as well as important.


What They Say About Us

We make sure to give our clients and their pets the utmost attention and dedication they deserve. Check out what’s being said about us, and see why your pet should be training with us, too.


Rich Green

Our poodle-mix dog, Weaselton, just graduated from Talented Canine Connections after 5 sessions with Christian.  After two years, we could not get Weaselton potty trained on our own.  We looked for help on-line and at the pet store, and read a book on the subject, with no success.  So when we saw a sign for Talented Canine Connections, we gave Christian a call.  He gave us tips, tools, documents and coaching that worked!  He also provided demos, and gave us documented instructions, for many basic commands like sit, stay, come, down, leave it, etc.


Christian came to our home every other week, always on time, and stayed the full hour.  He was always very pleasant and truly enjoys his work.  If you need help with dog training, we'd recommend his services without hesitation.

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Stephanie Buendia

Talented Canine Connections was so amazing working with our new rescue pup. Our dog, Ottis, was extremely fearful of people and had no obedience when we first adopted him. After working with Christian we saw Ottis blossom into a confident young dog who now knows many commands and has made huge strides on his fearfulness. Christian is attentive, kind, and understanding. I highly recommend him and his service again and again for any dog any age. Also great pricing!

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Jamie Gagnon

Christian was amazing with our dog. we have a pittie mix and he's very strong. He likes to pull us to whatever it is he wants to see. Not anymore! The technique Christian uses is much better than any choke or shock collar. Our dog is now a pleasure to walk thanks to Christian and Talented Canine Connections. He comes to you which is a big plus! Thank you Christian, from Mello Yello and his hoomans

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